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Construction has begun on the Ultraman Moebius & The Ultra Brothers page.


The Ultraman Tiga-Final Odyssey page is now complete and ready for viewing.  To go directly there, click here.


Construction continues on the Ultraman Tiga - The Final Odyssey movie page.  Re-designs have been done to this page and the Neos, Max, and Moebius pages.  Re-design of the Ultraman Page is now in progress.

The old site at Fortune City is still up if there's something that you're looking for that's not up on the new site yet.  The reason for the move from Fortune City is because of the increasing number of pop-up ads there.  Seems even a good pop-up blocker or ad blocker is ineffective against that horrible onslaught.


Hikari Saga
Saga 3 - Return Of The Light

Can now be seen at
the Hikari Saga website..

Current Series
Ultraman Moebius

Next Episode
Episode 50
"Final Trilogy III - Speaking From The Bottom OF The Heart"
featuring the aliens
Enpera Seijin,
and Fanton Seijin

Trading Cards

Bonus Card

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